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Kristine Cahall-Dosch Begins Role as Farm to School Coordinator

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Quick Update

Kristine Cahall-Dosch recently joined the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council as Farm to School Coordinator, in a contractor capacity.

She is taking on many of the roles and responsibilities Anne Schneider has been fulfilling so indefatigably, as Anne takes on more projects in her new home in Michigan. Kristine now acts as a point person for Farm to School resources for regional school lunch programs.

Her experience with local food broadly ranges from growing, to education, to community building through her Program Management role at Sidestreams Foundation. Following that work she moved onto local crop planning and procurement with Local Food Connection. In early 2020 she embraced a new role of parenthood full-time, but after a two year hiatus is excited to dive back into Cincinnati's flourishing local food scene.

The local food movement unites Kristine passions for environmentalism with her roots of being raised in rural Brown County, OH. She has a BA in Communication Management from the University of Dayton.


👋 Feel free to reach out to Kristine at to welcome her.


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