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Way Consulting Hired for GCRFPC Strategic Planning

Quick Update

Timed with the five year anniversary of the previous strategic plan and major leadership change, Green Umbrella recently contracted with Lindsay Way of Way Consulting, LLC, to facilitate the creation of a fresh strategic plan for the GCRFPC.

Lindsay takes on our project after ten years working in the academic world, for small, family-owned businesses, and for nonprofits. She brings a background in qualitative research and a love of writing and storytelling to the work. Lindsay earned a Bachelor of Arts in French and Sociology from Albion College, and a Master of Science in Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies (Specializing in Community Food Systems) from Michigan State University (Michaela’s old stomping grounds!).

The strategic planning process will span from late March through early July 2022, and Lindsay will reach out to request input from targeted sources, as required, to make the process as effective and inclusive as possible.


🗺️ Check out our Resources page for some of the documents and reports that will be used to guide us in our current strategic planning.


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