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Cincinnati Public Schools Leads with Local Food

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Kara Gebhart Uhl | Edible Ohio Valley | Holiday 2021/Winter 2022

Cincinnati Public Schools' (CPS) Nutrition Program was able to feed 35,500 children every day, even during virtual learning and the supply chain crises caused by the pandemic. Key to this success in keeping our kids healthy was serving locally produced food. And it had another benefit, too: it helped regional farms weather the changing market.

Read more in Edible Ohio Valley about how Jessica Shelly, CPS's Director of Dining Services, is leading regionally and beyond by committing to food purchasing based on values like the support of local economies, nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

The article provides a summary of how childhood nutrition programs in public schools operate, and also explains the benefits of the work the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council and our partners, including What Chefs Want, are doing to expand local food purchasing in institutions like schools, hospitals, arenas, and conference centers.


🍱 Are you interested in learning more about values-based purchasing or about how your workplace, school, or other institution can start buying more local food? Check out our Buy Local page and contact our Director, Michaela Oldfield, for more information.


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