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Collaborative work is at the heart of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council. Become a part of our work by attending a meeting, applying to become a member, or making a donation.

Food Policy Council Meetings

The full Food Policy Council meets every other month to collaborate and network. Register to attend the next meeting.


In alternate months, Food Policy Council workgroups hold working meetings. Learn more about our workgroups

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Become a Member

Food Policy Council members are farmers, educators, non-profit and business leaders, and community members who support our mission to promote a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system for all within Greater Cincinnati’s ten-county region.

Food Policy Members Support Our Objectives
  • Create a forum that brings together stakeholders from all segments of the food system to generate new relationships and share best practices. 

  • Initiate research and recommend policies that increase food security in communities as well as social and economic opportunities for food producers, distributors, and consumers throughout the region. 

  • Advocate for a food security and regional food system development agenda at the city, county and regional levels. 

  • Serve as a resource to the community to assist in local food system development programs and projects related to health and nutrition, land use, food waste recovery, community food assessment and local purchasing.

Food Policy Members Agree To Do the Following

  • Prioritize Good Food system issues for Council action

  • Regularly attend meetings of the Council and public events as necessary

  • Serve on at least one of the Council’s workgroups

  • Assume a leadership role within the community related to Good Food issues

  • Bring Good Food issues of concern to the Council

  • Serve as the eyes and ears of the Council in the broader community

  • Participate in special Council activities and events

  • Identify and recommend leaders in the region for nomination to the Council.

  • Be a member of Green Umbrella


Support our work to create a healthy, equitable and sustainable regional food system. Your donation will help bring local food to institutions, increase food security, make Cincinnati friendlier to urban agriculture, reduce food waste, and support regional farms.

Attend a Council Meeting

We alternate monthly between full council meetings and project/impact team meetings (schedule for the latter varies). Full council meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity to network, learn about being an effective food system advocate, and be involved in strategically prioritizing the regional good food policy agenda. Come join us to learn more about what our members are doing and get involved!