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Get Involved

Collaboration is at the heart of our Food Policy Council.

There are many ways you can become a part of our work!

Become a Council Member

Applications to become a Council Member are now closed for the 2023 term.

Soon you will be able to learn more about our 2023 Council.

If you are interested in acting in this role in future terms, please make sure you receive our newsletter for updates and consider joining a Committee now.

Council & Committee Meetings

Meetings are open to all, but please note that these are working meetings with agendas.

We also host social activities, which we announce through our newsletter and through Green Umbrella communications.

Please feel encouraged to join us in both kinds of gatherings.

Join the mailing list for a Committee so you can receive pertinent email updates including:

  • Committee Meeting information, such as reminders, agendas, and follow-up tasks, and

  • Committee-relevant news and opportunities, like timely announcements about policy issues, grant opportunities, professional development, events, calls to action.

Full Council

alternating months, second Tuesday, 11:00am—12:30pm

Feb. 14, Apr. 11, Jun. 13, Aug. 8, Oct. 10, Dec. 12

in person at the Green Umbrella offices,

The Digital Futures Building at University of Cincinnati

Farms & Land Use Committee


Sunday, April 23, 10:00am—11:00am

May onward: third Sunday, 10:00am—11:00am

virtual, via Google Meet, unless announced in advance

(or join Council Member Aaron Parker at Aiken HS)

Access & Education Committee

monthly, second Mondays, 3:00pm—4:00pm

virtual, via Zoom, unless announced in advance

Infrastructure Committee

monthly, third Wednesday, 1:30pm—2:30pm

in person, locations vary

Institutions Committee

monthly, first Friday, 10:00am—11:00am

virtual, via Teams

Steering Committee

monthly, second or third Wednesday*

*depends on timing of Council meetings
in person: Mar. 8, May 10, Jul. 12, Sep. 13, Nov. 8

virtual, via Teams: Apr. 12, Jun. 14, Aug. 9, Oct. 11, Dec. 13

in-person locations vary but are determined at least a month in advance

Regional Farm to School Advisory Board

quarterly, at least through September 2023

Thurs., Mar. 16, and Thurs., June 15


virtual, via Zoom

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