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Feeding the Chickens
Home Grown Vegetables
Farmers Selling Vegetables

GCRFPC Current Overview


Last updated in November 2021, this two-pager gives a quick overview of our updated vision, mission, audiences, and impacts. It summarizes the key ways we do our collective impact work, and it's a handy reference about our current target areas and activities.

2021 Impact Report


Last updated in January 2022, the Impact Report highlights our activities and outcomes​ from 2021, and invites supporters to take actions related to each aspect of our work.

How to Support an Equitable Food System & Buy Local

Buying local and supporting an equitable food system is now easier than ever in Greater Cincinnati due to the recent completion of the Ohio Valley Food Hub Project. The project addressed the need for better market opportunities for local farms and better access for consumers to fresh, healthy, local food in the Greater Cincinnati region. 

State of Local Food Report


Last updated in June 2019, this report provides insight into the current state of local food in the Greater Cincinnati region and recommendations for the future. The report includes information on the production, distribution, and consumption of local food,  as well as information on organizational capacity in our local food system and food waste and recovery.




State of Wasted Food Report


Last updated in September 2019, this report provides information on steps being taken to reduce wasted food being sent to the landfill in the Greater Cincinnati region and recommendations on next steps to further reduce wasted food.




Integrating Healthy Eating

& Healthcare


This report provides a summary of the current state of healthy eating and healthcare and recommendations developed as a result of the Healthy Eating & Healthcare Summit in October 2019.




Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit


Guidance for caterers and food vendors on developing healthy options for workplaces and events.



Farm to School Regional Action Plan 


Learn about key regional team members and partners, goals, context, opportunities, and action steps identified for the cafeteria, classroom and community components of farm to school programming within our region.




Local Food Procurement in Greater Cincinnati: Barriers

and Solutions for K-12 Schools

This brief report outlines barriers to local food procurement among K-12 schools in the Greater Cincinnati region, as well as solutions that have been proposed or successfully implemented.  

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