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Neighborhood Rallies to Reopen Grocery Store in Lower Price Hill

Learn more in this piece by WCPO’s Monique John:

After their local grocery store closed, Lower Price Hill residents came together to create a new neighborhood-driven grocery store for their community! Neighborhood leaders and members of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council’s Community Advisory Board, Reba Hennessy and Marisha Davis, were part of a team of Lower Price Hill residents who successfully launched the new Meiser's Fresh Grocery & Deli there last week. Reba is the President and Founder of Your Store of the Queen City, the nonprofit organization behind the new Meiser's, and Marisha is one of the Grocery Entrepreneurs growing their businesses there.

It came to life [...]. So that just gave me hope inside that if you fight for it in a positive manner, and you keep fighting, and keep fighting and waiting, it will eventually come.

—Marisha Davis, resident and entrepreneur

The space has also served as a distribution site for weekly giveaways of fresh produce and other foods, and is the future home of a makers market for artisans and entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to the team behind the new store and to all their partners. Your hard work has brought fresh food access back to the neighborhood - and provides a great model for other food insecure communities!


🥙 The Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council supports the growth of community-driven food solutions, including neighborhood co-ops and buying clubs. If you want to get involved, contact our Director, Michaela Oldfield, for more information.


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