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2022 Annual GATHER Celebration

This week we hosted GATHER at Tikkun Farm in Mt. Healthy, OH. GATHER is our annual end-of-year event for council members, volunteers, and anyone interested in the work of the Food Policy Council to come together, celebrate past successes, and discuss future plans. The event showcased the beautiful community of Tikkun Farm (say hello to the alpacas!) and featured tasty food from local nonprofit La Soupe. We also compiled a list of collective wins across our network and plans for 2023.

In addition to farm tours, highlighting the year’s achievements, and bringing the community together, Director Maddie Chera announced a restructuring of the Food Policy Council’s governance and membership. As part of the change, we’re looking for volunteers to serve as Council Members to help grow the FPC’s work impact. Council Members will inform the way our regional food system grows, collaborate with other resident leaders, and learn from experts in the field.

Specifically, we are looking to bring in folks with experience in food production, processing, and retail (like farmers, restaurant workers, and artisans). We would like the Council to represent a range of ages, backgrounds, and identities (race, class, gender), with some seasoned Council veterans and some new faces across all the counties we serve.

You can learn more about applying to be a Council member by clicking below:

Applications close on December 31, 2022.

But that’s not the only big change announced at GATHER! We’re excited to welcome a new staff member for the FPC, our new Community Connection Coordinator Amanda Lukas. She’s starting this December, just in time for all the big things we have on the horizon for 2023.


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