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Farm to Consumer

We're creating incentives for people to shop directly from farmers, too, like at farmers markets and through community supported agriculture (or CSAs).

Employer Local Food Incentives

Employers who incentivize employees to buy local foods can support local farmers, encourage healthy behavior, and reduce company healthcare costs. We will work with anchor institutions to pilot local food incentives and measure the impact on employers and farmers.

Farmers Market Streamlining

To increase the efficiency and convenience of farmers’ markets, we are working to convene market managers to share resources and invest in sales infrastructure that will make sales easier for farmers and consumers.


Integrating Healthy Eating & Healthcare in the Greater Cincinnati Region

A summary of the current state of healthy eating and healthcare and set of recommendations developed as a result of the Healthy Eating & Healthcare Summit in October 2019.

Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

Guidance for caterers and food vendors on developing healthy options for workplaces and events.

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