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Healthy Food Access & Consumption

We're working with community-led initiatives and with partners in nutrition access, education, and public health to center community voice to address food insecurity.

Neighborhood Buying Clubs

We want to see local and healthy foods become available and affordable in every part of our region. In partnership with the Cincinnati Health Department, we are working to establish a neighborhood scale distribution network to make healthy, local choices available to small stores in neighborhoods across the City of Cincinnati. We hope to expand this pilot into a region-wide program in the years to come.

Community Voices in Food Movement

We believe that everyday experts should be at the center of making decisions about food access programming, so we’ve convened a paid Community Advisory Board to work with organizational partners to amplify their voices in the work of eradicating food insecurity.  

The Community Voices in Food Movement, a collaboration between the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council and Gen-H, is designed to increase access to healthy and affordable foods for community members by employing a Community Advisory Board. This Board will guide strategic collaboration and alignment across organizations serving the food insecurity landscape in Cincinnati and Hamilton County. 


Since its inception in July 2020, The Community Voices in Food Movement has begun working to:

  • Create a sustainable community advisory board of six paid everyday experts in food insecurity

  • Convene the advisory board with program managers of regional food insecurity and health organizations to collaboratively revise organizational operating procedures

  • Develop effective practices into model policies and procedures


The Community Voices in Food Movement is made possible by the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge.

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