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Using Data and Collaboration to Address Food Insecurity in the Region

Madeline Ottilie | WCPO | 12/19/2021

Local food, health and data organizations are teaming up and using unique data-mapping software to try to tackle food insecurity in the Tri-state. The partnership was formed after the pandemic created a hunger crisis across the region.

The Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council is part of the cross-sector team taking on this task. Together, with our partners, we are collecting and analyzing data related to food insecurity, sharing resources and checking insights with other community members, and then advocating for and implementing evidence-based interventions. It's all directed toward our vision: a food secure community in the region.


🍐 Do you want to learn more about this data-driven work or get involved in improving healthy food access and consumption at the neighborhood level? Check out our Healthy Food Access page and contact our Director, Michaela Oldfield, for more information.


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