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New Partnership with La Terza

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Buy Amazing Coffee to Support the Food Policy Council and Act Local, Regional, and Global!

by Michaela Oldfield, Director

I am excited to announce a partnership with local social enterprise La Terza, whose team is working to build the same kind of food system we envision. Starting TODAY, we are offering a special Food Policy Council coffee that is single-sourced from a fifth generation, woman-owned coffee farm in Honduras.

What's so amazing about this coffee? Well, for starters, all of La Terza’s coffees are very good. It's why it's been the office joe at Green Umbrella and at my house for the last three years.

But the story behind it is inspiring as well. It's having an immediate impact on creating that healthy, equitable, sustainable food system—and world—that the Food Policy Council advocates for through our collaborative work.

When Katia took over her family's plantation, she knew they could grow specialty grade (think top shelf liquor, if you don't know what that means) and it would bring more money for her family. When she took it to market, she had to fight for the price she knew it was worth. Because she is smart and has the education to know what it's worth, she advocated for and got the fair price.

She then took her earnings and worked with the other women in her community to build a school! Now they're building a computer lab and investing in a Wi-Fi connection, along with a sample roasting machine, so La Terza’s roaster can advise Katia and her team in real time on how to improve their crop.

A first investment in one woman's education is flywheeling into transnational, collaborative, economic development for her whole community.

La Terza’s owner, David, believes all enterprises should be social enterprises. Economic development that improves the community and the world beyond is what business should be —and could be—about. David believes we begin transforming business in line with this potential through coffee.

La terza is Italian for third. Coffee shops are a third place where people can come together to mix, relax, and converse. They activate a space, bringing foot traffic and investment to a main street that is the seed of reinvestment and economic development. David invests in coffee shop owners by providing technical assistance and business development training. It might surprise some, but David wants to see his competitors selling high grade coffee succeed, too! He wants the industry, and ultimately our entire economy, to transform to one that is healthy, equitable, and sustainable.

At the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council, we know it will take all partners—individuals, businesses, governments and nonprofits—collaborating to create that transformation. That's why we're so excited for this coffee.

Plus, all the proceeds support our great work on convening the collaborations for policy and systems change! So go buy yourself some coffee.


☕ Purchase through the form above or over on our Buy Local page.


And if you need a mug for your brew, donate $40, and we can send you a great camping mug that can go anywhere and everywhere with you.

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