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FARM BILL 2023 | Videos: Overview & Curated Recommendations

Updated: Apr 14, 2023


Over the past few months, our Community Connections Coordinator, Amanda Lukas, dove deep into this year's Farm Bill. She combed through the policy platforms of many of our state and national level partners and other organizations that many of our Network Members are part of. And she analyzed the potential implications of the Farm Bill for our region.

One result of this hard work was a foundational presentation that Amanda has already shared with several different audiences in our region, including college courses. But we wanted to ensure the rest of our Network Members and whoever might be interested could experience the extended cut of this presentation, too. We felt the information would be most useful with links to additional resources at hand and added capability to playback, skip around, and share.

So, Amanda created a two-video playlist about the 2023 Farm Bill, focused on the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Please view and share!

2023 Farm Bill Playlist

Watch directly below or view on YouTube.


  • You can increase or decrease the speed of the video playback.

  • You can use the time tags (like bookmarks) throughout each video (and listed in the descriptions) to skip around to the parts most interesting to you.

  • The videos are close-captioned by AI, but fairly accurate.

  • Check out the additional resources included in the video descriptions.


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