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FARM BILL 2023 | Recording: Session with Slow Food

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Through our amazing team member, Cynthia Walters, we were able to connect with Slow Food USA (SFUSA) and their local chapter in Columbus, OH, about the upcoming Farm Bill. Cynthia has long been a member of Slow Food, contributing to the organization's work at local, national, and international levels. She has served as a Board Member for Slow Food Columbus, as well as the Slow Food Governor of Ohio, and she received the Slow Food Nations' 2019 Snailblazer for Children and Food.

Slow Food values "good, clean, and fair food," and that guides their advocacy work around the 2023 Farm Bill. Brett Rapkin-Citrenbaum, Farm Bill Community Organizer for SFUSA, led the session we co-hosted with SFUSA and Slow Food Columbus on April 4, called "Advancing a good, clean and fair Farm Bill in Ohio."

The session included an overview of our organizations, a few key focus areas for our region specifically (led by our own Amanda Lukas), and a Farm Bill 101 crash course by Brett. We had a fruitful discussion after the presentation, which covered the differences between advocacy and lobbying, what some of our Council Members and Consulting Members are doing to advocate and educate within our communities across various audiences, and why this discussion matters.

Please view and share!

Watch directly below or view on YouTube.

And one more thing: if you're wondering when the House and Senate are in session so you can plan out your own advocacy, SFUSA shared this handy 2023 Congressional calendar with us from the National Association of Broadcasters.


🧑‍🌾 If you'd like to get involved in our advocacy work, join a Committee!


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