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Educators Workshop Kicks Off Back to School with Food Focus

School’s starting! To get ready, we partnered up with Hamilton County R3Source to host Turn Your Classroom Inside Out!: An Educators Workshop at the annual Hamilton County (OH) Fair.

We had a fantastic turnout of educators and school foodservice staff interested in outdoor and food education. The workshop provided them an opportunity to connect with each other and with expert facilitators. Our experts shared resources on everything from safe-practice prepping and cooking skills to engagement strategies to get students excited about our local food system.

We also participated in the statewide summer #OHCucumberCrunch with local cucumbers from Lobenstein Farm and Henaben Farm, two family farms in SE Indiana.

Check out more photos from the event, featuring a number of our partners and a hydroponic growing station that can be added to classrooms!

Special thanks to all our collaborators who made the event so valuable, including Andrew Bernier, Jacob Cason, Mary Dudley, Ellie Falk, Maria Gulley, Claire Lipenseel, Arynn McCandless, Monica Smith, and Ann Troyer, as well as our co-host Tony Staubach, and our staff team, Kristine Cahall-Dosch, Cynthia Walters, and Maddie Chera.


This project was funded by a grant from Greater Cincinnati Foundation.


🌱 If you’re looking to implement Farm to School education, reach out to our Farm to School Coordinator, Kristine, for help with local food procurement or to our Ag Ed Curriculum Coordinator, Cynthia, for garden and food education help.


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