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Amanda Lukas Begins Role as Community Connection Coordinator

Quick Update

The Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council recently hired Amanda Lukas as its Community Connections Coordinator. In this role, Amanda is responsible for the relationship-building and maintenance required for the Food Policy Council’s multi-sector work, in addition to supporting the Council's communications initiatives across platforms and audiences.

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda brings over five years of experience in food systems and sustainability within the Greater Cincinnati Region, including managing farmers markets in Hamilton County. Amanda studied biology at University of Louisville and is deeply passionate about creating a sustainable, equitable regional food system that both mitigates and can adapt to climate change. She has experience engaging stakeholders like farmers, food businesses, and nonprofit organizations and in conveying complex information into digestible material for stakeholders and the public alike!

In her new role, Amanda builds on her past experience to serve as a point person to whom Council and network members can bring ideas and concerns. She will provide network members a clear understanding of how the Food Policy Council works and how they can engage to further our mission of a resilient regional food system.

One of the first major projects Amanda is working on is building out additional resource material for the new cohort of Food Policy Council members. Some resources include an introduction to Collective Impact and how it relates to the Food Policy Council and its backbone staff, Updates on Policies like the 2023 Farm Bill and the new Food Donation Improvement Act, and a Glossary of Common Language within the Food System. Amanda is excited to create and implement the resources, because it will support the most recent Food Policy Council strategic plan as it is put into motion!


👋 Feel free to reach out to Amanda at to welcome her.


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