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Farm to Institution

We're making it easier for institutions like schools and hospitals to buy local food. We're also educating them on why it's so important for them—and for our environment and our economy—to buy local.

Our Projects

Our work in Farm to School (F2S) and Farm to Early Care and Education (F2ECE) is a major focus of our current Farm to Institution efforts.


Learn more about projects including:

  • Spending Flexibility Policy Advocacy

  • Feed Our Future Campaign

  • Educator Capacity Development

Schools can serve as anchor institutions, leading other institutions in values-based purchasing. But it's not only schools!


Anchor Institutions can join with other buyers and leverage collective size for competitive cooperative bids on food purchases that support values like local economies, environmental sustainability, and more.

If you are interested in helping an institution you are a part of becoming an anchor institution, get in touch!

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