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Image by Matt Koffel

Regional Collaborative Infrastructure

We're bringing diverse stakeholders across the food system and throughout our region and beyond to work together strategically for the shared vision of a food secure community.

Cincinnati's Foodshed: An Art Atlas

Cincinnati's Foodshed: An Art Atlas - Past, Present & Future features a series of art exhibitions, community events and publications that showcase our regional foodshed's past, present and future.

Research, Evaluation and Storytelling

Accountability and communication are important to our work. We use various forms of data to understand our regional food systems and help our members work strategically together. We also amplify the stories of stakeholders across the region and share the successes of our partners.


Bi-monthly Full Council Meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity to network, learn about being an effective food system advocate and contribute to strategically prioritizing the regional good food policy agenda. Come join us to learn more about what our members are doing and get involved!

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