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Our Consulting Members

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Maddie Chera is the Director of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council. She convenes partners across the Greater Cincinnati Region to share information and collaborate on advocacy and program work as members of the Food Policy Council. Maddie leverages data, communications, and funding to direct and monitor our collective impact toward the vision of a food secure community. She brings over a decade of domestic and international experience as an educator, researcher, and nonprofit team member to her work, along with a PhD in Anthropology from Indiana University Bloomington, with a focus on food, the environment, and culture.  


Amanda Lukas is the Community Connections Coordinator of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council. Amanda brings over five years of experience in food systems and sustainability, including most recently as the Outdoor Market + Sustainability Manager at Findlay Market, the Warehouse Manager at the Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub, and the Market Manager at Madeira Farmers Market. She studied both Humanities and Biology at the University of Louisville. Amanda is deeply passionate about creating a sustainable, equitable regional food system that both mitigates and can adapt to climate change. She has proven success in engaging stakeholders like farmers, food businesses, and nonprofit organizations and in conveying complex information into digestible material.


Cynthia Walters is the Regional Farm to School Curriculum Coordinator of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council and the Green Schoolyards Coordinator for Green Umbrella. She is set on transforming the educational system through experiential learning and outdoor education, and by establishing policies focused on improving the health and wellness of school children. Cynthia served for two decades as a public school teacher and for fifteen years managing school-garden programs on a local and national level before applying this experience in her current roles.


Kristine Cahall-Dosch joined the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council in 2022 as Farm to School Coordinator. She acts as a point person of Farm to School resources for regional school lunch programs.  Her experience with local food broadly ranges from growing, to education, to community building while working for Sidestreams Foundation. Most recently she worked on local crop planning and procurement at Local Food Connection. The local food movement unites Kristine passions for environmentalism with her roots of being raised in rural Brown County, OH. She has a BA in Communication Management from the University of Dayton.


Anne Schneider is the Farm to School Coordinator for the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council. Anne initially joined the team in September 2017 as a Local Food Consultant on Green Umbrella’s Ohio Valley Food Hub Project. Prior to Green Umbrella, Anne was the co-founder and president of the Healthy Roots Foundation for nearly 10 years. The organization partnered with health care providers, educators, and local experts to provide educational tools to teach families how to create a healthy home, right from the start. Anne has an MBA from Xavier University and is currently working on a Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health from the University of Vermont.

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